Hello, My name is Marie & I am writing this on behalf of my four year old daughter. I have seen you at the show. I saw you play the didgeridoo. We met you. We bought your book at the show. Thank you for giving the book to us. My Dada read me the book every night. We had a great time reading the book. Kinapak is my favorite character. My favorite part was when Kinapak got out of the cage with help from Jerome. I really loved the puppies being born in the movie, & eating, and getting food all over the blanket, and peeing. How old is Kinapak? I would like to play with her and pet her. I would like to play with Nanuq and the puppies too. I am excited for the next book. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, CedarHester

I got your book yesterday morning and finished reading it last night about 3AM .... I absolutely loved it...!
Where do I begin....it was gripping, exciting,  lively,  so sweet and dear, thoughtful, terribly funny and so sensitively written, a love story,  a beautiful message explained simply,  you opened a window into an understanding and dialogue with the animals....i just loved it!....
Olynxa Levi

Kathy Blakes Reading class Edgewood Elementary

Bought your book today at the Birkdale Village Art Show and have just finished it, as well as viewing the DVD. It's a delightful! Loved the book and so much fun to see the pictures of Kinapa, her mate, and her puppies after reading the enchanted story. Know my grandsons will love the book and DVD, too. At 8 and 9, they are at the perfect ages for them. Thanks so much!

Marian Phalin

Bolton Triplets Youtube book review

I think it's very important for a book to meet its goal, and The Adventures of the Wild, Wild Wolf does that well. It makes readers aware of issues that wolves face, and the fact that they're endangered, not to mention ways that readers can help. One of the things I really liked was that the author gave a taste of her real life in a fictional story. I also loved how it was written form a wolf's perspective. This was a timeless tale for readers of all ages, with a main course of enjoyable, fun characters, a sprinkle of comedy, and even a little tearjerker on the side. I am now much more aware of wolf-related issues and I definitely plan to help them out thanks to this book's inspiration!

Jack Moran
8th grader

Colton loved loved loved the book. Said there's a second book soon? He was wondering when it will be out because he wants,to order it ad soon as he can! Thank u so much!!

Nichole Whiston