DVD INCLUDED.  Contains video of Kinapak, Nanuq and their young wolf pups, along with the hit song 'Surround me with your love' by Porter

The Adventures of the Wild Wild Wolf

Follow Kinapak the wolf as she gets into all sorts of mischief.  A tall tail of zany adventure that involves her mentors Zoe and Uxmal, a pack of coyotes, the infamous Billy Bob the cat, Hunter the foxhound and a rather frightening collection of old bones from the wild west days.



 Meet Nanuq  THE
Crazy Samoyed

Nanuq  the Samoyed - One of the oldest breed of dogs. A personality like no other

After the first book, The Adventures of the Wild Wild Wolf, come the little pack Sa-wolves.

Kinapak the star of the story.

Cheeky, saucy, cocky, spunky, lively, funny and sweet. We could think of many more adjectives to describe her......

Book and companion DVD

Wolves roamed the land of America for many thousands of years. The wolf was sacred and revered by the Native Americans.


Meet Kinapak the          wild Wolf